How to Read a COA

Certificates of Analysis (COAs) outline actual test results of an actual lot of product.



Information about the lot (lot number, dates, ingredients)

  • Test types – what was determined to be appropriate tests to perform on this product type based on product, quality / food safety risk, & customer needs
  • Actual lab results – results of third-party lab testing, summarized on our own COA letterhead
  • Specification – limits that we’ve established for each test type based on quality & food safety risk and customer needs. Note: actual lab results should fall within limits of the specification

- Test method – method used to perform the test, often a widely known method that could be reproduced at most knowledgeable laboratories



  • Profile – confirmation of CBD content and proof of low/non-detectable (ND) amounts of THC
  • Microbiological – freedom from harmful microorganisms
  • Chemical – freedom from common contaminants (solvents, pesticides, Prop65 heavy metals), and oil stability for shelf life purposes (AV & PV)
  • Organoleptic – confirmation of appearance and odor
  • Physical dosage – confirmation of quantity and format


Test Results

CBD Margarita Cocktail 

  • Batch # 220219 COA
  • Batch # 221120 COA

CBD Black Cherry Seltzer

  • Batch # 220218 COA
  • Batch # 221123 COA